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Coolest Buffalo Sabres Cake

This Buffalo Sabres Cake was made on an 11″x15″ sheet with buttercream icing. I frosted the entire cake in white. I Googled the Buffalo Sabres logo and printed out the size I needed. Then, I traced in onto waxed paper. I put the waxed paper drawing on top of the frosted cake and traced over the lines with a toothpick. (I held the waxed paper in place with a few toothpicks to be sure my design didn’t move while tracing).

After my logo was outlined on the cake, I just filled it in with the correct colors using Wilton’s #16 tip to make the “stars” (Be sure your buttercream is a med-thin consistency or those stars will be difficult to push out).

I used tip #21 in a zigzag motion in white for the border around the top and bottom of the cake. The lettering is done with tip #5 in yellow, over tip #16 in blue. This was for my son’s 11th birthday- he and his friends all thought it was “really cool”.

Buffalo Sabres Cake

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