Coolest Bull Head Cake

We live rural so I wanted to make a Homemade Bull Head Cake for my son’s 10th birthday. I used a picture of a real bull to get the right proportions. I baked a large square pan and a round cereal bowl. Out of the square cake I cut the shape of the head. I put the left over bits aside. With the bowl shaped cake I used that to form the 3D height and the roundness of the top part of the head. With the left over bits I cut and pasted them with frosting to form the bridge along the nose.

I then rounded the sides of the head and crumb-frosted the whole cake. I rolled out my fondant and laid it over the cake. I gently pushed the fondant into place and cut off excess. I used the excess to make the ears. I made the horns out of fondant too and used skewer sticks to hold them in place. I finished it with a ring in the nose. For all the hours it takes to decorate a cake it’s really worth it when you see the look of amazement on your kids faces.

Tip – best to use gloves when pressing the fondant into the cake, that way it doesn’t show fingerprints.

Homemade Bull Head Cake

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  1. That is so good, wish I could make a cake look as good as that looks. A lot of work went in to it bet your boy loved it.

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