Coolest Bulldog Cake

I have been decorating cakes for a couple of years now, and my cousin asked me to make the groom’s cake for her wedding, as a wedding gift to them. The groom is a vet and has a lovable bulldog named Jax. He asked me if I could make a cake version of Jax, and, although a bit nervous, I decided I would try.

I made the cake in a Wilton large square pan, cut it in half and sculpted the dog’s body. I then made a cake in my pampered chef large glass mixing bowl and attached it to the body with dowels.

The cake was a homemade carrot cake, with homemade cream cheese frosting topped by homemade marshmallow fondant in brown and white. The mouth, nose and ears were all made with colored fondant. It turned out great and they loved it!

1 thought on “Coolest Bulldog Cake”

  1. What a neat cake! I can’t believe you have only been doing it this such a short time. Do you have your own bakery or do this out of your home? It’s an amazing cake. Good Job!

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