Cool Homemade Beehive Cake and Bumble Bee Smash Cake

I wanted a bumble bee party for my son’s first birthday so I decided to make a beehive cake for the big cake and a bumble bee cake for his baby cake.

For the beehive I used a Wilton Wonder Mold Doll pan and an 8 in round to give it more height. After assembling the two cakes together I covered it with a crumb coating and covered it with fondant. I left an opening for the door (I used chocolate cake mix). Then I made fondant bumble bees with almond slivers for wings and attached them all over the cake with floral wire.

I was very pleased with the outcome. For the bumble bee cake I used a Wilton 6in cake pan and decorated with black, yellow, and white icing. Everyone loved the cakes!