Coolest Bumble Bee Car Cake

This Bumble Bee car cake is a butter cake made for my 1 year old son’s birthday. First attempt, not completely happy with frosting (Vienna creme) but can live with for first attempt.

Extra edible bits to the car include: Licorice bumpers front and back, as well as trim, door handles, rear vision mirrors and window wipers. Head lights and tail lights are jube type lollies. Seats made from sandwiched wafer with Vienna creme between (I was gonna pipe racing stripes on seats but couldn’t work out how to make piper).

Steering wheel is apple flavoured jube lolly. Wheels were chocolate mint biscuits stuck together with Vienna creme. Cannot eat windscreen or bumble bee on bonnet. Plus there are toothpicks holding the rear spoiler together before icing.

Made the butter cake in the morning and spent about 3 hours that evening with the Vienna creme and decorating! Not in a hurry to try that again.