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Cool Homemade Bumblebee Birthday Cake

I made this Bumblebee Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I used a medium sized Pyrex bowl for the head and an oval baking dish for the body. I made a white cake and sliced each cake piece in half, brushed the cake with warm raspberry preserves and frosted the middle with chocolate filling.

I iced the entire cake with an offset spatula with yellow butter cream frosting that I tinted with food coloring. I used a piping bag with a flat tip for the bee’s stripes with black icing that I purchased from a cake store, for the bee’s stripes. The wings are sugar cookies that I hand-cut and carefully slid into the top of the cake. The antennae, stinger and eyelashes are pieces of black licorice and I used Easter colored chocolate candies for the eyes and nose.

I used purple sugar to sprinkle around the board for presentation.