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Coolest Bumblebee Transformer Cake

I made this cake Bumblebee Transformer cake for a friend’s son who loves transformers; however, his favorite is Bumblebee – not the Optimus Prime cakes that all the stores have.

I made a 13×9 rectangle cake and a 9×9 round cake. I cut out Bumblebee’s head from the round cake and then covered the cake in buttercream icing and buttercream fondant. I used a picture I found online of the Bumblebee animated cartoon character as my guideline for decorating the cake.

Chocolate buttercream was used for the black icing/decorations. So not to have the bitter black icing taste. I made cut-out cookies (my grandmother’s sour cream cookie recipe) and alphabet cookie cutters to spell out the birthday boys name. I used vanilla icing and red buttercream fondant on the cookies. (I cut out the fondant with the same alphabet cookie cutters to put on the cookies.

The birthday boy loved it, the kids enjoyed it, and even the adults loved it so much that they want me to make the next party cake.

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