Coolest Bunco Dice Birthday Cake

Once a month eleven friends and I get together for girl’s night and play Bunco. As I’m the cake baker in the group, when it was my turn to be the hostess I baked a Bunco Dice Birthday Cake and individual Bunco dice cakes for everyone (and a few extras).

The cake is a mix of vanilla, chocolate and marble (in the middle). To make this, pour the vanilla cake (or your favorite flavor) in one end of the pan (I set my cake pan on a folded dish towel to keep the batter from leveling while I prep the other flavor). Then pour the chocolate batter in the other end. Use a butter knife to drag around through the middle to create the marble effect. This way everyone can have what they like, vanilla, chocolate or both all in one cake.

For this project I used a 1/3 sheet cake pan and then cut the “dice” in 2″ squares using a piece of cardboard cut into a 2″ strip as a guide and a very sharp serrated knife. Each cake was then frosted with pink butter cream frosting. The pips (dots) on the dice are white sugar pearls that were pressed into the frosting.

These little cakes were a HUGE hit, and everyone is wondering what I”ll come up with next time to top this? I”m working on it girls!


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