I made this Bunny Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday, which happened to fall on Easter. The 3D cake pan I used was from Williams Sanoma. My first practice cake, I only used one cake mix, and the ears didn’t turn out complete, so for the final product I used 1 1/2 cake mix.

Once cooled, I leveled each side with a bread knife, then froze each half separately for an hour. I then combined the halves with buttercream frosting and froze for another hour. Freezing made decorating a lot easier. I used a star tip to decorate the body of the bunny and a larger star tip for the tail. I added some green frosting around the legs with some sugared flowers that I purchased at a cake decorating store, as it was too difficult to get the frosting to take to the underside of the bunny.

For the eyes, I outlined them with black frosting. Lastly, for the ears, I just piped in some pink frosting. Except for the time, it was a pretty easy cake to decorate and my daughter loved it!