Coolest Bunny Cake Ever

Here’s a simple cake to make for a special child’s birthday. I simply baked a cake in 2 round 9″ cake pans, then cut 2 ears out of one to attach to the complete circle head. The leftover in the center of the “ear” cake made a sweet bow tie for under the bunny face.

I baked it 2 days in advance and froze it in the freezer to make it firm and easy to frost. I made a basic butter cream icing with butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and water. You can keep this moist until you’re ready to use it by draping the bowl with a dampened cloth.

For decorations I used jelly beans, red licorice and some red sanding sugar. It was fun to see my little girl’s face light up in delight, and I’m sure its a cake she’ll never forget.

I would try this one again in a heartbeat, very easy and cute.