Coolest Burlesque Birthday Cake

I made this Burlesque birthday cake for my niece’s 18th birthday. She wanted something Burlesque, so I Googled some ideas. Sure there are easier ones, but for my niece I wanted to do something she would remember. Just to put it this way: I wish I wouldn’t.  I don’t even remember how much cake I needed.

It took me forever to get the bust right! Got a breast reduction twice on it, cause it started to crack right on top. First time right after I finished all the detail on it. Put it over night in the cooler and still had to drive 2 hours with it, holding it on my lap. Praying the whole time!! Well, we made it and my niece loved it. We forgot to put it in a cool place and right before serving the whole front came down. Well, to light up the fireworks, we just turned the whole cake around. And it tasted still good.