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Cool Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake Idea

My friend’s daughter requested a butterfly cake for her 7th birthday. I got the Butterfly Birthday Cake Idea from this website but tweaked it a little so I didn’t have to buy any pans. The wings are 4 heart shape pans made with 2 box mixes. The body is made of one cupcake for the head and an oval pan cut to shape. I always bake the cake forms the night before and freeze them for easier decorating.

When I put the bottom wings on I used the leftovers from the oval cake to fill in a small gap between the bottom wing and the body. I used buttercream icing for the whole cake. I highly recommend using the 789 tip and a featherweight icing bag when covering the cake because it is easier and gives even coverage.

Ice one piece at a time and smooth the icing with a frosting knife soaked in hot water. I started with wing 1, added wing 2, then the body and the other two wings. The cake was so big I had to put it on a foam board covered with silver wrapping bought in the cake department. The silver wrapping is especially helpful with a cake like this because it cleans easy so you can wipe off any frosting that may get on it without leaving grease marks for a nice presentation.

I made all of the decorations with a homemade marshmallow fondant. I used a circle fondant cutter, fondant letter cutters and designed my own patterns for the other shapes. The cake is trimmed on the top and bottom with a 21 tip. The antennae are pipecleaners and the eyes are googly eyes bought in the craft department.

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