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Cute Homemade Butterfly Cake with Oreo Cookie Body

I made this butterfly cake for my niece’s first birthday. I used a triple chocolate cake recipe for the cake & made two 8″ round layers. I cut each layer in half, turned them backwards to make the wings, and layered them.

I stacked Oreo cookies (held in place with some frosting) in between the cake halves to be the butterfly’s body, frosted the cake with pink frosting, & then added candy coated chocolate kisses to the Oreos (again with frosting to hold them in place) & to make a design on the wings.

Everyone loved it & it was pretty easy to do. There is a lot more frosting than you would need for a normal cake (because you’re frosting the part of the cake that’s normally inside the cake!) so keep that in mind when you’re gathering your supplies!

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