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Sweet Homemade Carved Butterfly Cake

I made this cake for my daughters first birthday. This was my first attempt at “creative cake making” and this homemade butterfly cake was easy to make and turned out great.

I used one round cake pan, cut the cake in half, put the round edges together and trimmed a triangle out of the straight edges to make the shape of the wings. I am not good with icing so I covered the butterfly in one layer of icing and then decorated with mini marshmallows and jellybeans. The jellybeans did melt in the heat and the colors started to run into the icing. I wouldn’t use the jellybeans again but I will definitely make this homemade butterfly cake again if requested.

With more experience I would be much more creative with the decorating. The sky is the limit, but I wanted to be safe and make sure my daughter’s cake didn’t turn out to be a mess.

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