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Coolest Butterfly Pinata Cake

I love making original cakes for my girls for their birthdays. Usually I make a replica of a beloved item such as a teddy bear, a doll or even their favorite blankies. This year I made a replica of my daughter’s butterfly shaped piñata. She loved it!

For the body I baked cake in a loaf pan. For the head, I baked cake in a small cheesecake mold. The wings are a free cut design using two 9×13 baking pans (needless to say we had a lot of cake bits left over!). Because the cut edges are so difficult to frost, I decided not to frost them, and just piped some frosting along the edges. I liked the effect.

I matched the piñata colors with homemade butter cream frosting died with Wilton concentrated gel icing colors. These gels make excellent bold colors and matched the colors of the piñata beautifully. And of course, two gold pipe cleaner antenna.

We were all very happy with the results.


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