My son turned two and he loves Buzz Lightyear so I decided to sculpt a cake that looked like Buzz and use Fondant Frosting for the first time. First of all I now know that you should use a big piece of fondant to cover the entire cake first and then add pieces to it because you cannot blend it together and it dries out quickly so if you are using the prepared ready to use fondant you have to be quick.

I used the buttercream fondant by the Cake Boss and colored it with Wilton’s food color gels. If you put it in the microwave for ten seconds then it is easier to use and powdered sugar helps it not stick. I also purchased non dairy whipped frosting from the grocery store (bakery section) and put it in the refrigerator to keep it firm which makes it easier to spread. I used two boxes of yellow butter cake mix and poured it into two 9x13in pans and two small 6x2in circle pans. I just cut out the shapes for his wings and upper body out of the two large cakes and then used the two smaller cakes for is face. I also use powdered sugar on the cakes after I cut it because it tastes good and I think it helps the cake from having crumbs when you frost it. I frosted it heavily with the whipped frosting which really helps hold it together!

Then I added additional pieces to shape his nose, eyes, cheeks, and button on the side of his head. Then I rolled the fondant out and pieced it on the cake. I also purchased a $3 plastic tool kit out of the clay section at Michaels for cutting the fondant. The pieces have different ends that help to smooth and cut the fondant. My son loved his cake and it was pretty tasty too!