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Sweet Homemade Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake for my Son

I made this Buzz Lightyear birthday cake for my son’s 4th birthday. I used 2 1/2 sheets, 1/4 sheet for the body, and a small mixing bowl for buzz’s helmet/head. I used Hershey bars for the wings. I did a thin layer of frosting with a cherry preserve/cherry jell-o combo in the layers! (1 jar of an all fruit, no sugar or sugar sub, preserve with 1/2 package of the same flavor jell-o, heat the preserves for 30 seconds in microwave and add jell-o stir. Let filling set up before adding next layer!) DELISH!

I used buttercream frosting with the frosting gel colors and the glitter gel from Wilton for fun accents. I usually take a picture from online, then get it to the size I am going to make, and set it next to the cake I am decorating to not miss any details. Although I did forget to color in Buzz’s eyes, no one else noticed, but we are always our own worst critics!

I also got some fun firework things from the dollar store to accent it! I know it may seem like a lot of cake, it is. We usually feed upwards of 30-50 people at our parties!

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