This camera cake is not as hard as it is impressive. The cake itself is very basic, it’s the camera that’s challenging. You will need black food coloring paste, and a photo of an SLR camera to work with up close. You can use silver balls for buttons, I used chocolate Bridge Mixture bits for the buttons etc. You can also go one step farther (if it’s a digital SLR cake) and stick a photo of the birthday person on the back where the view screen is.

I used a Ding Dong and an Oreo Cakester for the lens (to give it two different sizes). There’s not much more to it than that, other than having to cut a portion of the cake into a smaller piece – use a reasonably fat wedge of cake for the camera body, and a small shaped piece for the little bump on top of the camera.

“Glue” the pieces together with icing, and I would suggest fully icing each piece before sticking it together and then doing “touch up” work once it’s together – it’s easier to ensure a proper icing job is done that way.

I used a white writer icing tube for writing the word “Nikon” on it. Good luck and have fun!