Coolest Camo Quad Birthday Cake

My one-year old granddaughter is already enjoying the outdoors with jaunts (very slow) on her Dad’s ATV. With pink camo pretty visible in her wardrobe, making a pink camo quad birthday cake seemed appropriate.

I used the 3D Cruiser shaped pan and then did a lot of sculpting to make it into a quad. The quad was carrot cake (and I had a side “hill” of carrot cake cupcakes to make sure there was enough) but I used a chocolate pound cake for the base to support the weight. I have arthritis in my hands so used a pretty thin consistency cream cheese icing for easier application. Not as sharp as I would like the drops to be but easy on the grip.

Here are some other things I used:

– chocolate angel food tires

– Peppermint lifesaver headlights and hubcaps

– pretzel handlebars and exhaust pipes

– peanut butter cup steering column

– hot tamale candy brake lights

– gum paste helmet and fenders

– brown sugar trail

I find using cartoons for designing cakes is a lot easier than using photos of real ones. I have photos of different angles and including the profiles and rear.



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