My 5-year-old daughter wanted to make a hunting cake for Father’s Day. We didn’t have time to work with fondant, so we decided to warm our frosting slightly in the microwave and drizzle it onto the cake with spoons. It was so easy and so much fun!

We place our crumb coated cake on a wire rack that was placed on top of wax paper for easy cleanup. We placed our frosting in 3 bowls and tinted it using Wilton’s paste (juniper green, brown, and a combination of juniper and Kelly green).

Next, we heated each bowl for several seconds in the microwave. We dipped teaspoons in the frosting and drizzled it onto the cake. Next, we traced the outline of a buck onto brown gumpaste and cut it out with a paring knife.

Finally, we traced a slightly larger buck on bright hunter orange gumpaste and cut ribbons from the orange gumpaste to wrap around each layer of the cake.

This Camouflage Birthday Cake was so much fun to make and her daddy said it was the best cake and the best Father’s Day ever!