I made this Camping Birthday Cake for my husband’s birthday. He loves to go camping and is very into the fire and cooking while there, so of course I had to include that. It was my first time trying to mold with fondant and my first time using a writing tool (writing is not my forte yet) and I really enjoyed using both.

I used scrapbook paper for the tent, dowel rods for the stakes, Wilton’s sparkle gel for the water, fondant for the rocks, chair, shoes, pan, sleeping bag, and eggs, and pretzels of course for the fire. The rest is buttercream icing. Oh and I also used sugar cones for the trees.

I put three candles in the fire to light when we bring it to him and hope that will add to the overall theme.

It was a lot of fun molding with fondant and helped me give a bit more detail to the cake.

Overall, I am really excited with how it turned out and can’t wait to surprise my hubby tomorrow with his cake!