Cool Homemade Camping Cake with Kit Kat Log Cabin

My son requested a cabin cake for his 4th birthday. So this camping cake is what I came up with. The cabin is kit kat’s stuck together with candy melts. The birds and bear are candy melt molds. The tree is a tootsie roll molded down.

The bunnies are freehand candy melts and the deer is freehand caramels softened and molded with candy melts for the antlers, spots and feet. The deer was my favorite animal.

This was two batches of frosting and a 9 X 13 sheet cake. The fire was store bought candy rocks and the flames were reception sticks broken down and stacked to look like flames.

Very easy to make.

7 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Camping Cake with Kit Kat Log Cabin”

  1. I love your use of candy to make the various things… I’m not very good at drawing so any ways around that just impress me.

  2. This is amazing!!! I’m hoping to be able to mimmick this cake for my brother’s birthday coming up in a few days. I have some questions.
    Thank you so much, wonderful job!

  3. Great ideas!! I’ll definitely use some for a joint camping party for my oldest daughter’s elementary school graduation and my second’s birthday. Love that cabin and deer!!!

  4. Your cake looks amazing…I don’t understand how you did that deer?? Caramel and candy? Can you explain further?? And the bear…you can buy a candy mold like that? Where??

    Someone recently asked me to put a bear and a deer on their cake…I was just thinking of buying plastic ones…but, if I can figure out how to make what you did…that would be GREAT!!

    You are very talented!! :)

  5. P.S. – Your cabin is amazing!! I was just going to use graham crackers and use candy melts to stick pretzel rods to it for the “log” look…your way is MUCH easier (and tastier!!) :)

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