Coolest Camping Cake

I made this camping cake for my nephew. A simple sheet cake which I iced green. I borrowed the vehicle and the “hunter” from my son.

The tent is actually made from paper, I printed the pattern from the internet. The logs on the side of the tent and the ones making up the fire are tootsie rolls. The yellow and red that represent the flames are hard candy.

The trees are fairly simple, just sugar ice cream cones that have been iced green. If you don’t have sugar cones, you can die some fondant green and shape them into cone shapes then ice them. I find that you can use just about anything you have around your kitchen or house for that matter, to decorate a cake.

If I use something “non-edible”, like the vehicle or the hunter, I wash them in hot, soapy water and let them dry completely before placing them on the cake. I have made the items I have needed out of fondant, which sometimes can be a bit challenging.

This cake was enjoyed by the birthday boy and the family.