Coolest Camping Scene Birthday Cake

My son requested a Camping Scene Birthday Cake for his 4th birthday. I started off by making a simple 9×13 inch cake. I then frosted the top with green on one side to represent grass and blue on the other side to represent water. The decorating was the most fun part! I used pretzel sticks to create a dock with goldfish swimming in the water. The fishing pole was made from a pretzel stick with dental floss attached to it.

The tent was made from graham crackers covered with fruit roll-ups. The sleeping bags were also made from fruit roll-ups. The campfire was made from fruit roll-ups, pretzel sticks and jelly belly beans. Playmobil characters acted as the people for our cake (those are my son’s favorite toys.) It came out cute!

Homemade Camping Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Camping Scene Birthday Cake

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