Coolest Can-Can Dancer Cake

This is my version of a Can-Can dancer cake. I was inspired by a cake on this website. It is a white cake covered with marshmallow fondant. It is only the second cake I’ve done, so I still need practice. My dancer’s bottom is a little large in comparison to her legs.

First, I covered the cake with a buttercream crumb coat. I then covered that with a layer of white fondant with a roll of fondant on the bottom of the cake. Then I rolled out 5 different circles (of different colors) and one by one laid them on top of the cake going from largest to smallest. I ruffled each layer by stretching the fondant once it was on the cake.

Then I formed the bottom and legs of the dancer out of pink fondant. I cut out a triangle of purple fondant for her panties and pink strips for her garters and heels.

1 thought on “Coolest Can-Can Dancer Cake”

  1. This cake is hilarious! I wish I had someone to make it for! The big buns are the best part! Great job!

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