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Cool Homemade Candyland Cake for a Sweet Sixteen

My friend Carol and I made this Candyland cake for my daughter Kirsten’s sweet sixteen birthday party. We taped a cut out of her face on a Candyland game piece at the beginning of the cake.

The castle was made out of graham crackers and sugar cones. The recipe to make the sides of the castle stick together is as follows:

2Lbs of 10 x confectioner’s sugar, which is (powdered sugar). Four to five egg whites. Add eggs to sugar one at a time; mix in a bowl with a wooden spoon. Then put the paste into the mixing bowl of an electric mixer. The paste should not look like bread flour however, it should be smooth and not runny looking. To apply use a pastry bag, or make a bag out of wax paper.

You have to act quickly because it dries really fast! After the castle was put together (thanks to my expert castle maker best friend), we then decorated it with all kinds of yummy candy. We also used colored candy canes, colored marshmallows, skittles and suckers.

We used the buttercream recipe from Wilton.com to cover the cake and used green icing coloring. We piped the sides in red and used peppermints for accents.

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