Cute Homemade Rearview Car Birthday Cake

My friend Amber sells cars and her favorite color is red so it was no surprise when she requested a red car birthday cake.

I had to get creative because I couldn’t find any cakes that were a rear view, which is what I had in mind. I baked two 9×13 cakes, one white and one chocolate, then laid them out side by side. I made a batch of butter cream frosting using the butter cream frosting recipe on and used nearly an entire little bottle of Wilton’s red gel food coloring to get a good red. A second batch of frosting was used to make white, blue, black and orange for details.

The cake was carved with a steak knife to look like the back of a car, I used two small pieces of trimmed cake as tires. I used a #22 star tip and decorated the cake, laying out the red first, then filling in the back window with light blue. I piped black frosting for details and used a basket weave tip upside down to lay white frosting out for the license plate and bumper sticker. I used a smaller star tip to fill in the tail lights.

The cake was fun to make, and seemed to drive right off the plates!