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Hilariously Awesome Homemade Car Birthday Cake

When my grandson requested a Fun Car Birthday Cake for his 7th birthday, I took an idea I saw from Naughty Cakes book by Debbie Brown.

I used the Wilton car pan and a 9×13″ pan for this cake. I iced in buttercream with fondant “triggers” (arms), antenna with squirrels tail and rear-ends. Crushed Oreo cookies were used for the gravel road and rocks were piped as borders.

The Windshield and rear window were iced white then brushed with silver dust. Wipers and door handles were piped with #2 tip. For the bumpers I used a#12 tip and a #105 for the rims. The four side windows were carved out, iced black then fondant rear-ends and arms were inserted (the drivers window with just an arm.

Rear license plate #7, side flames and “Pull my finger” were also piped using buttercream. The headlights were iced white then dusted with gold dust to give shine. The flames were piped on using a #3 tip and yellow icing then red was added an swirled together with the yellow. I added a double layered Happy birthday inscription using a #5 and 2 tip.

 Car Birthday Cake

 Car Birthday Cake

 Car Birthday Cake

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