Coolest Car Birthday Cake Design

For my son’s first birthday I decided to go with a theme of ‘cars’. I didn’t want to go too ‘theme’ crazy so I decided to stay away from characters etc. and made a Car Birthday Cake Design.

I used the Wilton 3D cruiser pan. It took a couple of tries (3) to get the right cake batter for this 3D cake and in the end I used a pound cake recipe combined with a box white cake mix. Two batters was just enough to fill the pan (which calls for 6 1/2 cups of cake batter). I baked it for just over an hour (~70 mins), until a cake tester came out dry.

I had taken a few Wilton cake decorating courses so I used the buttercream recipe I had learned there. I found it important to refrigerate the cake between icing so each part would have a chance to set. I dirty iced it first, then did the windows and let them dry. I then star tipped most of the car and did the other details last.

I enjoyed creating this special cake for my little boy (who turns 1 today!) and made a couple of my own adjustments to the decorating, like adding a personalized license plate! What boy wouldn’t love this car cake?