Cute Homemade Fondant Car Cake

I found this great website when I was looking for an idea for my son’s second birthday cake. And as I have read a lot in this site, my son loves cars, so I thought the best idea is to make him a car cake.

It was the first time I ever read about fondant. I come from Europe and there marzipan is used. However, I went and bought the fondant ready, because I didn’t want to risk it this time. I bought the colors as well and prepared the cake normal. I went through the different cakes in this website and then I made mine.

It is made from two maple fudge 8″ cakes that I have cut and put on top of each other to get the shape that I was looking for. I covered it with icing and then tried the fondant. Actually it was really fun to work with it. The only thing that is not made from the fondant are the wheels, I made them from marzipan. I wanted to add another flavor to the cake, and as you see they are falling down, they are too heavy. And my son loved it.