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Cool Homemade 3D Carousel Cake for my Daughter’s 3rd Birthday

I made this Carousel cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I got the idea from looking at cakes on this website. We had a carnival theme party with games so the carousel cake fit well with the theme.

The cake took me several days to make. I started by making a the cakes I would need. I made two 10 inch round cakes for the base. For the canopy piece, I used a big pyre mixing bowl to bake a dome shaped cake. The horses are made of cut out sugar cookies.

I iced and decorated the top and bottom separately. I decorated the entire top using a star tip. The bottom section I decorated with a shell border and Easter colored M&M’s. I didn’t put it all together until right before the party. My biggest concern was making sure the cake would hold together.

In the bottom section, I inserted 1/4 inch dowel rods to help support the the top. On top of the dowel rods, I used an 8in separator plate. Then, I put a glass on top of the plate.

The sugar cookies were a little heavier than I anticipated, so I decided to hot glue them onto the candy canes. I didn’t want to risk them falling off. I glued them alternating them up and down.

Using a spare candy cane, I made the holes for the poles evenly spaced around the edge of the cake. I set the top section of cake down on the glass and then began inserting each candy can with the horse already attached. I also glues the tops of the candy canes to the canopy part of the cake to keep them from falling. Again this was due to the weight of the cookies.

The whole cake was assembled on a decorating turn table. This allowed the carousel the actually turn.

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  1. What a lucky little girl! What an awesome cake and obviously made with a lot of love . . . not picked up from the local bakery. Colors are great and the detail of having the horses at different heights really lends to the realism of the carousel theme.


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