I used two metal bowls to bake this cake in, and turned them upside down on top of each other. And used a small casserole dish to bake the grass in. I covered the grass with Fondant, and added some detail with buttercream icing and some tips. I covered the two halves of the carriage separately, and covered up the seam with some pink flowers.

I decorated around the homemade carriage cake with flowers using tips and buttercream. I rolled up some ribbon and pinned it in to make the little spot the coach would sit on and used little bead strings to fancy it up a little. I used glittery pipe cleaners for wheels and my little pony princesses to pull it with.

I think one of the best parts of this homemade carriage cake was that I made a back drop for it, which I think was the perfect finishing touch. I just used a “science project board” from Walmart, painted the sky and some grass and the castle is a wall decal also from Walmart. I loved making this cake and it was hit!