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Cool Homemade Cars 2 Finn McMissile Cake

My son who turns 7 right before the release of Cars 2 wanted a Finn McMissile cake. As he is a brand-new character for Pixar, we didn’t have much to go on. We copied a picture from the Pixar homepage and my Mom hand-traced the outline and features of Finn in pencil.

We cut that out and used that template to cut our hand-died grey-blue fondant. (Yes, we used the marshmallow based homemade fondant recipe). From there we put two 9 x 13″ cakes together and frosted it in green to give the appearance of grass. The race track is fondant dyed black (we used Wilton’s black icing die bought at Michaels).

As you can tell, we just put the regular Cars die cast figurines on the racetrack and there you go, a Cars 2 cake!

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Cars 2 Finn McMissile Cake”

  1. Hi Amy & Linda,

    Your cake turned out great! My son, too, wants a Finn McMissile cake (his name is also Finn). Do you have any advice for getting the paint color right or mind sharing what food color ratio you used?

    Thanks so much!


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