This CARS 2 “Finn McMissile” cake was made for our son’s 5th birthday. This was our first attempt actually making fondant (using marshmallows) for a cake instead of buying ready made. It was very easy to make and the texture of the fondant made it nice to work with and it didn’t dry out as easily. The key to making this cake was that we bought our son a Finn McMissile car as his gift.

We made the cake proportions equal to those of the Finn McMissile car. This helped us to carve the cake shape and to make more realistic wheels and accessories out of fondant. We used a combination of delphinium blue, royal blue and black at first to get the right color. Then we realized that we could make the same color out of just royal blue and black and it was easier to get the right shade to match the car. To put the wheels on, we needed to have the car raised. So at the last minute we covered two spice boxes with white fondant to raise the car.

We used 3 boxes of cake mix to make this cake (including the base). We modified the mix to make a firmer cake by using the oil that was called for on the box, but replacing the water with 1 cup buttermilk and using 4 eggs. We baked the cakes in three 9X13 pans. We only ate the car and ended up putting the base in the freezer. The car could have been made from 1 pan. If I were to make this again, I would only use 2 boxes of mix and have a smaller base.

Our boys loved this cake!