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Cool Homemade Cars 3rd Birthday Cake

Making this Cars 3rd Birthday Cake and having this CARS party for my 3 year old son was a blast! It is actually made from 4 round cakes (2 stacked on top of each other). I stacked the frozen cakes (I cut a little off the centerline so they fit together nicely) then I carved the top cake layers only into the “3” shape. The sides were iced with white butter cream icing.

The center is green tinted butter cream. I always tint icing with Wilton colors. They are so vibrant.I used the grass tip to make the green in field. That was so easy and so fun! Can’t mess that up! In fact, the messier the better. I noticed letting some hang off the edge made it look more realistic.

The black race track turned out better than I thought and was so easy. It is just ground up Oreo cookies. Just put the whole Oreo cookie in a food processor until it forms a powder. I did have trouble getting icing to stick neatly to the Oreo road for the white stripes. So, in the wee hours the night before the party, I had to be creative with what we had around the house and ended up using pieces of gum to make the center white stripes on the road!

I lined the roadway with M&M candy for some color. The finish line is just strips of ribbon. “One hundred Calorie” cookies line the edge of the cake to look like tires. My son’s toy Lightening McQueen on the race track and Tow Mater in the in field finish off this COOL Cake!

6 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Cars 3rd Birthday Cake”

  1. sorry for asking but wat exactly are the “One hundred Calorie” cookies that you used to look like tires around the base of the cake

  2. I’m going to try and make this cake tomorrow for my sons third b-day. I don’t have a food processor so im going to try and just roll the cookies as fine as i can get them. I’m so excited for this!!

  3. You did an AMAZING job momma! Love how beautiful it came out and looks so much cooler than a bakery cake! I may use some of your ideas for my son’s 6th Hotwheels bday cake! Thanks for the details!!


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