Coolest Cars 4th Birthday Cake

My daughter is in love with Cars, the movie, and all its characters. I wanted a Cars birthday cake for her, without having to make a car. So, I decided on a race track in the shape of the number 4, since she was turning 4 years old.

I covered a cake tray with a vinyl checkered tablecloth to look like a checkered flag, then I made a basic slab cake, and cut a second one into strips to make the 4 on top. The road is chocolate cookie crumbs, and I used regular icing for the yellow lines and grass. The dotted white lines are individual sprinkles – I found out that icing doesn’t stick well to cookie crumbs.

The little Cars are cake toppers, and I scanned the graphics and laminated them, along with the writing to add authenticity. One of the easiest cakes to decorate, once you get past the cookie crumbs (messy). My daughter loved it, and our family enjoyed the double layers.