Cute Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Fondant Checkerboard Sides

I hate to bake, but love to decorate, cakes! So I buy a cake with just the white icing and go from there. For my grandson’s second birthday the theme was Cars so had to make him a Cars Birthday Cake.

Fondant checkerboard sides and fondant track, the rest is buttercream icing, decorated with the brightest colors I have!

2 thoughts on “Cute Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Fondant Checkerboard Sides”

  1. Can you let me know what you used for the borders? What tip and what type of style? Its hard to see with the picture. Looks like a rope but not sure. Also any other tips would be great!

  2. I thought this was SO super cute, so I tried to copy it the best I could…I just used regular icing, but my little boy loved it. I finally got it submitted on this website, and your cake was my inspiration. Thanks!!!

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