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Sweet Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Toy Cars

For my son’s 3rd birthday he wanted a cake with Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson and Mater. So I decided to replicate the scene where Doc & McQueen are racing in the desert and McQueen falls down the cliff into the cactus bushes.

For this homemade Cars birthday cake I started out with two 9”x13” layers. I laid the first one down and cut the second one in half, placing the halves on top of each other and cutting them on an angle. I iced the whole cake in light brown buttercream, then covered it with a mixture of crushed Nilla wafers and brown sugar to look like sand.

The rocks are RKT (Rice Krispie treats) rolled in the “sand” mixture. The cacti and number 3 are marshmallow fondant which I placed on toothpicks, made them look prickly by making small marks on them with a toothpick, then stood up on a Styrofoam block to dry for a couple days.

To assemble the homemade Cars birthday cake I attached the rocks with buttercream (the large rock formation is on a skewer), and placed the cacti on toothpicks into the cake. I cut letters out of fondant and attached to the cake with buttercream, then placed the toy cars on it.

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