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Coolest “Cars” Birthday Cake

I made this Cars Birthday Cake for a 2 year old little boy who loves cars. His aunt asked me to make a simple cars themed cake, not necessarily DIS-Pixar but I couldn’t resist, I’m a McQueen fan.

This was my first time putting a square cake on top of a round cake. I did not think it would work. When she told me she wanted the top cake to mimic a racing flag but didn’t want fondant I panicked. In the end the cake turned out well, what you cannot see in this picture is Lightening McQueen’s #95 and famous slogan “KACHOW” on the back of the bottom layer.

Just a word of advice, most of you know this, use the next size up cake box. The bottom layer was a 10″ cake, I should have used a 12″ box…as you can see the bottom border marked the box when it was closed. I learn something new with every order.

Headed in the kitchen to bake again, stay tuned…”drop flowers not bombs”.

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