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Cool Homemade Cars Cupcake Cake With Racetrack

This Cars Cake is actually cupcakes! It’s a pull-apart-cake that I sent into daycare when my son turned 3. I made 24 rainbow cupcakes (I dyed vanilla batter several different colors, then spooned them into the cupcake liners, one by one for a Tye dyed effect).

I then got a poster board and used a permanent marker and ruler to make it look like a checkerboard. I put each cupcake into another liner, red blue or yellow, and then glued the liner to the board with a little frosting (I used the extra liner so the kids weren’t getting cupcakes with frosting on the bottom, too). I pushed the cupcakes as close together as they would go, then iced the whole top in vanilla butter cream, trying to make it look level.

Then I crushed up Oreo cookies to make the dirt for the track. I poured it on into the shape of a 3. I dyed some butter cream icing green, yellow, and red. I outlined the number three with red and then used a grass Wilton tip to pipe the grass on the rest of cupcakes. I finished with a shell boarder in yellow, and used topped with some of my son’s mini cars. I made little flags out of colored paper and attached them with toothpicks, and used my computer to make checkerboard finish lines and his sign.

The kids loved them, no one knew it was really cupcakes, they thought it was a cake! The staff thought it was very convenient that they could just pull apart to serve each kid their own cupcake!

Homemade Cars Cake

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