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Coolest Cars Diaper Cake

A former co-worker of mine ordered a diaper cake offline for her daughter’s baby shower and when it showed up it was a disaster and very poorly made. She has spent quite a bit of money on it and the baby shower was fast approaching and she was pretty upset. She heard through the grapevine that I made diaper cakes and called and asked if I could try to salvage hers for her. I told her yes and when she came to drop off the “cake” I was shocked, it was falling apart, had hardly any diapers in it, had a used pacifier on it yuck, and had cars themed little stickers on it and that was all!

I basically started from scratch and bought all new items to put on it. The only thing that got used from the prior cake was the few diapers it had on it and I used those for filler on the inside. The new Cars Diaper Cake had 140 size 1 and 2 diapers on it, baby washcloths, teething rings, a cars nightlight, homemade cars outlet covers, unused pacifiers, tools, lightning McQueen bubble bath, big cars foam decals, a cars receiving blanket, etc.

She was very happy with the new cake and I have since made 3 more cakes for her friends.

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