Coolest Cars Mad Hatter Cake

This Cars Mad Hatter Cake was the most interesting cake to make! For my son’s second birthday I decided I wanted to try my hand at one of the mad hatter cakes. It was easier than I thought it would be for those who don’t have a lot of cake experience.

What I did was make three layers of an 8 inch cake and three layers of a 10 inch cake, I then took the 8 inch cake and trimmed one layer slightly smaller than the other two, and then trimmed another smaller than that one. Then repeat this process with the ten inch cake.

This next part is the big trick. You take the widest layer and cut it in half in a slant so that you like like you have two triangles, you then stack that layer back together with the thickest parts together and the thinnest parts together so that it looks Topsy turvy. Then you stack each layer back together with the smallest layer on bottom and the widest layer on top. Now it should look like a mad hatter hat.

This next part is where the illusion of the Topsy turvy comes in. Take a knife and the 8 inch cake and hold the 8 inch cake centered atop the ten inch cake and carefully cut around the 8 inch cake about an inch deep into the ten inch cake. Set the 8 inch cake aside, and then you are going to finish cutting out that area making sure that it’s flat so that the 8 inch cake will sit inside of it. This gives the illusion that it is tilting, but keeps it from falling over!

If these directions are confusing, you can Google “how to make a topsy turvy cake” and you will get lots of results with detailed instructions and pictures. I bought an edible McQueen image from eBay and placed it on the 8 inch cake and then decorated the rest of the cake in Cars theme with racing checkers and lightning bolts. I then bought a package of three of the Cars which included McQueen, the King, and Chick Hicks and positioned them around the cake like they were going up a race track.

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  1. Your cake was so awesome I decided to take your advice, learn techniques on youtube, and make my son’s 3 year birthday party cake! Thanks for your link and tips. I will post the cake after his party for you to see the inspired piece.

    Thank you Thank you Thanks a bunch!!

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