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Coolest Cars Racetrack Birthday Cake

This Cars Racetrack Birthday Cake was one of the first homemade ‘cool’ cakes I tried to make for my son’s 3rd birthday. He was OBSESSED with Cars and wanted everything Lightening McQueen at the time. I knew I wanted to do something with the racetrack, so I merged a couple of ideas and pictures I saw on this website.

I baked four 9 inch cake rounds, and stacked them into two sets of two, making two separate two layer cakes. We did one of the two layer cakes funfetti (with white frosting gluing the two layers together), and the other chocolate (with chocolate fudge frosting gluing the two layers together), so essentially it was two separate two layer cakes merged into one. I then cut a moon into the side of one of the cakes so they would slide in/join together- think of the master card logo.

I frosted the sides green for grass, did a chocolate frosting track (spatula painted a figure 8 on the top), and then went in with white frosting for some quick piped lines in the road (used a fine point tip). I used a star tip and more of the green frosting for the grassy centers, shook some green sprinkles in said grass zone for texture, and then lined the inner circles/roads with the same white piping too. I made little checkered flags and a racing banner with a fine point sharpee and white cardstock, which I taped to toothpicks to stick in the cake for added fun.

My son picked out 3 of his favorite cars to put on it (McQueen, Doc Hudson, and Mr. The King). Lastly we added a #3 candle and were good to go!

Definitely something simple compared to some of the other fantastic Cars cakes on here, but it was still a huge hit.

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