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Coolest Cars Spiral Birthday Cake

I did this Cars spiral birthday cake for my son’s 4th birthday. He is a big fan of the Disney Pixar film ‘Cars’ and when I asked him how he wanted his birthday cake, he immediately said ‘Lightning McQueen’.

He already has some small toy Cars characters from the film so I thought of putting them on the cake as toppers. Now I just had to think about what shape the cake was going to be. A few weeks before I saw a video on Youtube on how to carve a spiral shaped cake and so I had the idea of making a cake in the shape of a hill with a spiral road going all around it.

I baked two Madeira cakes, one 9 inch round and the other 7 inch round as well. I filled them with vanilla butter cream and started to carve the biggest one and then the smaller one too. When the carving was ready I dirty iced them both and rolled out the fondant. I covered the bigger cake in brown fondant and the other one in blue fondant. When they were both nice and covered I stacked them on each other and started to decorate it.

I rolled out a long black fondant strip for the road and cut out some white clouds which I put on the blue cake so that it looks like a cloudy sky. On the brown cake I modeled some green fondant cactus and some brown fondant rocks to look like a desert scene. For the finishing touched I did 2 small checker board flags and a sign reading ‘route 66’. Last but not least I placed the toy cars an the cake and secured them with a bit of icing.

My son was so happy with this cake and instead of cutting it he wanted to play with it.