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Coolest Casket Cake

My coworker challenged me to bake him a casket cake for his birthday. Although it may sound weird it isn’t, we work in a funeral home. Two weeks before I began work on gum paste roses, I used Wilton Ready to Use Gum Paste. I mixed red fondant into it and some Red gel coloring. I inserted the roses into a green flower foam half-ball. This was my first time working on roses.

I baked 2 8×13 cakes. After they cooled I cut them each into 4×10 rectangles and 2 layers each. I placed 2 4×10 layers stacked with buttercream in between. Then I stacked 2 4×5 layer on one end. Using the scraps left over and dowel rods I created the box part of the casket where the pillow goes. Using the other scraps I made the round of part of the casket where the legs go. I frosted a thin layer of frosting.

The next day I began rolling out the fondant. I used Ivory fondant by Bakels for the interior lining, drapes and pillow. I used Chocolate Fondant by Bakels mixed with some Ivory to give it the swirl-like pattern that wood has. I used gold candy wrappers to decorate the handles, corners and label of the casket. To make the lid I used a square piece of foam covered in fondant and attached with dowel rods. I made the small crucifix with a chocolate fondant and the corpus with gold luster.

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  1. I LOVE IT!! I think that is a great cake. Wish somebody would make one for me!! TOO AWESOME!! And weirdness is in the mind of the beholder!!!! :)


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