Coolest Castle Kingdom Cake

My first step was to make a 12 in and a 8 in round 3 in deep cakes. Let them cool on cooling racks and once they where cooled I split each cake and filled with butter cream frosting then crumb coated and covered each with white fondant.

I then stacked the 8 in on top of the 12in and made sure it was center off. I then placed the stacked cakes on top of a 16in cake separator; piped vines and leaves running up the sides of the cake and the back to the top of the castle cake and then placed small butter cream roses and half roses at different parts of the vines. I then took my Wilton castle pieces and decorated the top of the cone pieces with butter cream and rolled in colored sugar.

Before placing them on the towers I decorated each one of them with icing and small candy sprinkles and placed each one on and beside the cakes. Then I placed my grass all around the bottom of the separator and cakes. Before adding the tower pieces I made sure my cake was setting where I needed it on the table before the party so I would not have to move it again with all the pieces. I then added my door and top piece, decorated them and added my window pieces.

I had made 8 small doll mold cakes earlier and designed each with their own ball gowns and placed my granddaughter’s favorite princess dolls in each one. Then I placed each one around the cakes as if they where dancing around it. I then placed on top her birthday candles and a happy birthday sign. We had her party at a fast food place and must say that not only were the kids excited when they saw it, the customers were in “aww” of it and wanted to know where we had it made but was surprised to find that I had made it myself for her and I’m not a professional.

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