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Adorable Purple Cat Face Birthday Cake

This Cat Birthday Cake was easy and fun to make! First I made one cake mix and put half in a 10 inch circle pan and the rest in a 8×8 square pan. After they cooled out of the oven I placed the circle on a cake board and then cut ears out of the square cake and attached them at the top. I froze the cake for a half hour or so and took it back out to frost.

I dyed white frosting purple and frosted the cake with a spatula. After frosting all of the purple I used a fork to create fur, by lightly sweeping it over the frosting. I then mixed pink into white frosting for the inside of the ears and piped this on, also piped on a bow.

I used snow balls (Hostess or other brand) for the cheeks and Starburst for the nose and tongue. I microwaved the Starburst for 3 seconds and then molded into shape. I used black lace licorice for the whiskers and eyelashes. I cut a marshmallow in half for the eyes and placed junior mints with a dab of frosting on the marshmallow. You can’t exactly tell from the photo, but I used purple sprinkles and pink for the ears. I used multi-color for the bow. And there you have it!

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