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Coolest Cat Birthday Cakes

Our three-year-old son asked for cakes that would resemble our two cats for his birthday. We bought a half sheet vanilla cake (without icing) at the local grocery store. I traced a medium-sized bowl twice on the top and then drew on the ears lightly on the top.

Then I cut each cat out in one big piece. I used a picture of the cats to help with the details. The picture really helped to get the unique coloring each cat correct on the cakes. We used store-bought icing with food coloring to make the different colors except for the black. We bought the black icing at the grocery store separately from the bakery. We put on all the white icing first and then added the orange and then the black.

Finally, we put on the details such as the stripes, whiskers, eyes, irises and whiskers. Our son was really excited and loved both Cat Birthday Cakes! We were pleased that they actually came out looking like both cats.

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