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Cool Homemade 3D Pink, Purple and Yellow Caterpillar Birthday Cake

I made this Caterpillar Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I used the sports ball cake pan. I coated the pan with Crisco and dusted with flour before adding the cake batter. Let cakes cool then they will come right out of pan, no sticking.

I made five cakes and shaved the top of each cake off to make it flat. Flip cakes over and arrange four on tray for body. I then frosted each section in a different color. Pieces of a wire clothes hanger were used to secure the head on top of a body section. I then frosted head and added eyes and mouth.

I made mini cupcakes from extra cake batter, frosted yellow, and placed at base of body as “feet”. Decorations: pink pipe cleaners for antennas, craft letters glued to toothpicks to spell out my daughter’s name, and #1 candle.

I used cream cheese frosting on cake. It tasted good, but I would not recommend it. It was very runny and hard to decorate with. I placed cake in fridge after frosting each section to let it set up. I could not find caterpillar party supplies, so I bought solid color plates in pink and green and napkins with bright flowers that matched the frosting on the cake.

So the party was a garden party with a fun caterpillar cake!

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