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Coolest Caterpillar Birthday Cake

My little girl told me she wanted a Caterpillar birthday cake for her second birthday. I Googled till I saw a few pictures and then let my imagination go wild (maybe a little too wild!). I used a packet mix cake as I didn’t want to waste extra time if it all went wrong.

To make the little caterpillars, I used a round bottomed muffin tray and icing. To make the big caterpillar, I poured some cake mix into two round (ovenproof) bowls and baked them in that, then trimmed the uneven top once cooked. I stuck them together with a little melted chocolate – it’s like glue! Then decorated with icing (made with butter and icing sugar) and chocolate melt buds. The icing had set by the time I got to do that, so I just wet the bottom of the buds a little and they stuck really well.

I made the grass by first putting down green icing over the board, then pressing on shredded coconut that I had mixed earlier with a little green food coloring. It helps to really press it in. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES FOR THIS! I learned the hard way a few years ago… I added icing flowers that I bought from the store and little butterflies from a craft shop. I made the mushroom by buying 2 different shaped marshmallows (cylindrical and cane shaped) and stuck them together with half a tooth pick. I then piped little icing dots onto them and stuck them on the grass with icing.

It was lots of fun making the cake, but it did take a little while as I had to bake each ball separately (only had 2 bowls!) and then had to wait for everything to set. I got lots of wonderful feedback from family and friends and my two year old absolutely loved her birthday caterpillar.

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